Our History

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A number of veterans’ organizations grew out of the First World War, among which was the Great War Veterans Association founded in 1917.  Its aims and objects were:

  • To perpetuate the close and kindly ties of mutual service in the Great War; the recollections and associations of that experience, and to maintain proper standards of dignity and honour between all returned soldiers.
  • To preserve the memory and records of those who died for the nation. To see to the erection of monuments to their valour, the provision of suitable burial places, and the establishment of an annual Memorial Day.
  • To ensure that proper provision is made for the due care of the sick, wounded and needy among those who have served, including reasonable pensions, employment for such as are capable, soldiers’ homes, medical care: and equitable provision for dependent families of enlisted men.
  • To constantly inculcate loyalty to Canada and the Empire and unstinted service in their interests.

These organizations amalgamated in 1925 to form the Canadian Legion of the British Empire Service League, which became the Royal Canadian Legion in 1960.

Our Caledonia Branch was formed at a founding meeting at the Opera House (the corner of Argyle and Caithness, where Tony’s Corner Xpress now stands) on Wednesday, 28 August, 1929, with the charter being issued a month later on 18 September.

Caledonia Opera House


Our Charter – 18 September 1929

The Legion met for a number of years at the Town Hall (Edinburgh Square) and then moved to the second floor of Keith Lamb’s Feed Store (by the bridge where the Bank of Nova Scotia is now located).

Old Town Hall, Edinburgh Square
In 1943, we moved to the second floor of a building located directly in front of our current premises at 29 Caithness Street East.

Our current building was constructed in 1976 with the first official function on Remembrance Day that year and the opening in June 1977.

The building under construction and what may be a picture at the Groundbreaking Ceremony.
Under construction