Save the Date – Wednesday, 21 September at 7:00 PM

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Branch 154 General Meetings are always held on the same dates, the third Wednesday of June, September, November, January, and March, and thus can be predicted years in advance.  But we all need a reminder from time to time to jog our memories.  The reminder for the June meeting was sent out at the last minute and it showed.  Apart from the executive, attendance was extremely poor.


What does that matter, you say?  After all, the executive can keep the branch going, can’t they?


No, they can’t.  The Royal Canadian Legion requires that decisions that in any other organization would be made by the executive must be made by the membership.  Without a quorum at general meetings, the branch is paralyzed and can’t function.  That’s why it’s so important that members (that means you!) attend general meetings.


Please mark the date of September’s general meetings on your calendar now and plan to attend.  We’ll send out a reminder closer to the date (but not quite so last minute, we promise!).

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