Women Who Served

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In Patterson Park at the south end of the Argyle Street Bridge is an unpretentious stone with a plaque reading, “In Memory of the Women Who Served in Canada’s Armed Forces”.  The location is beautiful but the center of remembrance in Caledonia has always been the cenotaph at Edinburgh Square.  Therefore, Branch 154 has reached out to Councillor Dan Lawrence to solicit his help in having the memorial moved (perhaps during bridge reconstruction, whenever that happens) to the area of the cenotaph.

We have only scanty records of women from the Caledonia area who served:

Mona Whitwell – CWAC WWII

Mary Wintemute Beveridge (Hamilton) – RCAF in WWII

Margaret Cowie – Lt(N/S) RCAMC, 1944-1946

Joyce Frisbie (Cain) – WRCNS WWII in London, England

Sarah Vera McMorran – service unknown

If you know of others, please get in touch with us so they can be added to the list.

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